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With our help companies can learn to integrate creative thinking into their day to day processes, making an instant impact on clients outputs and their opinion of the B2B/B2C industry.



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Nouveau Riche, Beyound Perceptions


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 Video Production & 

A video is a great medium for storytelling. Here at Guru, we specialise in creating creative informative video and animation outputs to help you get your point across.



Because video naturally lends itself to storytelling, a video is a great way of displaying complicated data and top-line information in an interesting innovative way.


 Any Platform 

Full production service from concept to final output, across and digital platforms.



There are many different types of possible video outputs depending on the specifics of the project. We can help you decide on the best type of video output based on your client, timescale, budget and audience.

Video Portfolio
Gears 'Ghost Tears'

Gears 'Ghost Tears'

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What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

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Harris Online Communities

Harris Online Communities

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Jam Baxter - Just Us (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Chemo)

Jam Baxter - Just Us (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Chemo)

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Connecting customers to your brand's heart

In a social world where content is king, developing good, effective, relevant design that tells a compelling story should always be at the forefront of a business's mind. At guru, this is what we are about. We live outside of the box, we understand not only how to develop a brands' story, but also how to most effectively communicate that story across multiple platforms and mediums for maximum impact. At Guru, telling your story is our story!

We like to go a little deeper than most design companies. We believe that if we are going to do our best work for a company, we need to understand that company unique position. We know that understand brand strategy, ideation, problem-solving frameworks and innovative thinking is the key to delivering a strong creative output.

Mixed Media Design


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 GURU X   

We were approached by innovative Dubai skincare start-up S.T.A.S.H (Some Things Are Simple Her; Hair, body and skin) to collaborate with creating their brand identity.

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 GURUXPotent   Funk Records 

At Guru we have been involved within the music industry for as long as we could remember, so when our partners at Potent funk for whom we had already created a number of successful music videos, it only made sense that when they were looking to rebrand their website, that we were their first point of call.

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 GURU X       

CBD company Hemp Smile approached us about their start-up which is aimed and taking the confusion out of CBD.


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At Guru, we are always excited about partnering with brands that are passionate about making the world a better place. So where we were asked to handle the design for the first publication from easy way to go vegan brand we were excited to get involved. 

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Helping our client convey their brand messages is highly important for the B2B industry. With presentations being the standard form of communication for most companies Guru are experts in creating presentations that perfectly visual communicate our clients' brand messages

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 GURUXNOUVEAU              RICHE       

Guru Meets Nouveau Riche. New Dubai based clothing company Nouveau Riche, tasked us with developing their logo and ethos alongside some graphic imagery to help convey the brand ethos and visual messaging both within the company and to their customers.  

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Amsterdam and Barcelona based cannabis company The Plug made their move into the rapidly growing CBD industry, this was a very logical step for the brand. being globally recognised as one of the best cannabis clubs in the world boasting an extremely impressive customer list (including a large amount of  recognisable US music artists and actors) 


Your Brand, your way

In today's world, your company's first interaction with your customers is usually online. 


So your site should be fast, on-brand and obviously good looking!  We have experience working with all types and sizes of companies. We are well versed with all budgets and types of the site whether you want to sell online or just tell your customers what you do we can make that happen.

What can we do for you?
  • E-commerce

  • Brochure sites

  • SEO

  • Wix Sites

  • WordPress Sites

  • Site Consultation

  • Social Media

  • Copywriting & Editing

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 We live in a visual world 

Visual communication and storytelling is the backbone of every successful brand. This is because brands have successfully communicated their story/passions in a way that directly connects to their customers emotional resigning, and for every company operating today, this is the dream. 


Understanding how and why visual communication is so successful at but to successfully achieve this brands have been reliant on creative methods of communicating more than words can since the growth hugely successfully De’Beers campaign. But to do this they need to successfully communicate their brands' unique story. This is what we specialise in!



Your site can be built in Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress or Custom built

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