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At the heart of our mission is the belief that creativity is a tool to transcend boundaries and connect humans on a deeper, more meaningful level. We're not just about creating; we're about creating with a purpose that resonates with the here and now. 

We understand that every individual is a walking world in their own right, and we leverage this insight to develop concepts that align with the human experience of life (experience defined as in the content of consciousness, or our present self).

 In other words, we are dedicated to curating experiences that resonate with the core of what it means to be human.

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"If a brand's motivations don't forge a direct connection with the human experience, it has no space in our world."

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Fueling Change Through the Power of Creativity

When viewing the world through concepts, our shared understanding is limited, but true human understanding and unity unfold through shared experiences.

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 Explore our videos, designs, and digital projects—all tied together by a common theme: a resonant understanding of the human experience.


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Elevating brands to profitability through heartfelt strategies.

 At Guru, your brand story isn't just a story; it's our passion. This is the space where you cultivate your company's creative thinking and storytelling prowess



At MCG, our mission goes beyond creating beautiful and effective outputs. We believe in connecting your business to the heartbeat of life's experiences. Instead of chasing competitors, we advocate a unique approach. We collaborate with clients to delve into their core creative motivations, understand the 'why' behind their business, and then craft their unique selling proposition (USP).

By building a robust foundation rooted in Design Thinking and Creative Brand Storytelling, our clients can formulate creative strategies that not only stand out but also directly resonate with their audience.

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noun; a leading authority in a particular field

My Creative Gurus - The human communication experts

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Beyond Concepts to Real Connection

In the wake of the global shifts prompted by the global pandemic, the marketing landscape has experienced a profound transformation – a change that we, at MCG, have long championed even before COVID. The days of relying solely on abstract concepts are behind us, and we've consistently advocated for marketing strategies that go beyond mere ideas. Now more than ever, success is defined by forging genuine connections in a changed world.

At MCG, we stand firm in our dedication to authenticity and meaningful engagement, principles that have been ingrained in our approach from the very beginning.

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Tony Cowling Foundation branding and strategy project

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Oliver Kempski,

Senior Director, Global insights at Universal Music Group

I have worked with MCG for many years and they are fantastic at re-thinking how insight is best delivered for maximum impact. Rather than just delivering outputs they challenge researchers from the very start of projects to think differently, distil the key findings and ensures you pull stories from data before delivering in a truly compelling way. Experimentation is key in challenging existing practices and more of this is needed for the research industry to progress from delivering data to truly delivering insight.

Sabrina Qureshi,

Head of Online Communities at Harris Interactive

I worked with MCG to really help promote and progress the design thinking at Harris Interactive, with a particular focus on the communities solution. Slim and his team helped to produce some great collateral, but also helped to guide the team through this first-time process and teach us to refine and iterate. It was a steep learning curve with lots of tips to help us with future projects

Andrew Pittas - Potent Funk records

MCG has been a vital part of Potent Funk Records evolution. From creative outputs to brand strategy, there is always a way they are laser-focused on innovation, passion and growth as a pathway to our success.

Mick Baxter,

Operations manager,


They completely immersed themselves in our brand and product, ensuring that they fully understood our positioning before beginning the process. We had a couple of meetings setting out our desires and working on the treatment, but after this they flew through the work, getting it spot on the first time. The final product was so good!

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