At My Creative Gurus, we believe in getting straight to the point…. So this is precisely what we aim to do. We are a creative house, brand, and business strategy consultancy service.

We look at brands from an in-depth holistic view. Guru does not just develop powerful business stories but is also experts at promoting clearer brand identity and brand direction via a holistic, streamlined, decision-making and project management processes.

We understand how to best help our clients develop and implement effective marketing and business growth strategies.  Via a unique training consultancy process of integration and analysis, we can fully understand and develop a brand's USP, whilst helping our clients to utilise the same innovative decision-making tools we use when developing clients' outputs within their own day-to-day businesses. We know that the true jewel of our company is not just our creative outputs but rather teaching how we innovate and develop them ourselves. 

It does not matter if you are a start-up or a major corporation, we would love to tell your story.


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Understanding your needs on a deeper level

It may appear that somehow, everyone seems to claim to have the best content for your company, without spending the time to really get to know your company.



At MCG, it is our mission to develop and create beautiful effective outputs. But we understand that great content is a lot more than how many designers you throw at a project; great content is about developing a great brand direction and understanding the power of stories. 

We do not believe in you chasing your competitors, at MCG, we promote a different approach. By working with clients to focus on their core creative motivations (the reasons why they are in business) in order to develop their USP. Using this as the constant direction from which great ideas can then be developed and created. 

Having a solid foundation around Design Thinking and Creative brand storytelling our clients are then able to develop creative strategies that resonate directly with their audience. 




noun; a leading authority in a particular field

Good design is the most important way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

But good design is more than pretty images

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Moving with the Now!

The business world has changed and continues to do so. With humanity operating in a more connected world, companies are waking up to the fact that the old business rules seem to apply less and less every day. In a world of big data and noise, the ability to develop and tell a compelling story that connects to peoples emotive reasoning through successfully communicating your brands' relationship to the human experience has become paramount. 

When our clients come to us we know they are looking for much more than a 'pretty' looking design. They are searching for a way in which to develop their own ideas process which can be effortlessly integrated into their company.

Helping you develop and translate visually your unique brand story is what we do at MCG. Expert in design and production as well as consultancy and project management, we are truly the best in both worlds.


When it comes to outputs, we like to go a little deeper than other companies. We believe that if we are going to present our best work for a company, we need to understand that company's unique position. We take the time to start every project with a consultation session in order to develop the necessary understanding of your brand and your project.  We then set out a creative plan as well as a project management plan to make sure things are understood from the onset.

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If you know precisely what you are looking for, output wise, our Create section is where you will find a selection of our creative outputs. Feel free to browse our video, design and digital projects. 

At Guru we are all about passion and creativity, this is not only reflected in everything we produce but also in the way we conceive and manage our clients' projects.




Discover is where you begin to see the difference between Guru and other creative and consulting agencies. At Guru, your brand story is our obsession. Here you develop your company’s creative thinking and storytelling skills. You can also find details on our procedures and methodologies, design thinking, as well as how we partner with our clients to act as an in-house creative hub with a holistic view of your entire business. 


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Oliver Kempski,

Senior Director, Global insights at Universal Music Group

I have worked with MCG for many years and they are fantastic at re-thinking how insight is best delivered for maximum impact. Rather than just delivering outputs they challenge researchers from the very start of projects to think differently, distil the key findings and ensures you pull stories from data before delivering in a truly compelling way. Experimentation is key in challenging existing practices and more of this is needed for the research industry to progress from delivering data to truly delivering insight.

Sabrina Qureshi,

Head of Online Communities at Harris Interactive

I worked with MCG to really help promote and progress the design thinking at Harris Interactive, with particular focus on the communities solution. Slim and his team helped to produce some great collateral, but also helped to guide the team through this first time process and teach us to refine and iterate. It was a steep learning curve with lot's of tips to help us with future projects

Tim Pritchard,

Managing Director, Customer Experience, Kantar. Board Director, Kantar Insights UK

Slim is a great guy. We worked together on countless pitch decks and videos. Always creative and compelling, his contributions helped to secure several multi-million $ deals. He adopts a highly collaborative stance with colleagues which gets people working towards the same end, be that pitch materials, proposals or translating data into visual outputs for optimal client impact (not just pretty deliverables). Get Slim involved early in the process and he will always add huge value.

Mick Baxter,

Operations manager,


I had the pleasure of working with MCG when my company needed to create a promotional video for our website, demonstrating our product. From our initial meeting, they completely immersed themselves in our brand and product, ensuring that he fully understood our positioning before beginning the process. We had a couple of meetings setting out our desires and working on the treatment, but after this Anslim flew through the work, getting it spot on first time. He organised all the external requirements such as voice over, meaning the whole process was very simple for me. The final product was so good!

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