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Having a strong background in delivering creative solutions for the B2B industry, especially the Market Research industry (which we believe is the home of the human stories), Guru has always been at the forefront of exploring how to best evolve the research process via an integrated creative / consultancy hybrid system. Market researchers are amazing at what they do - looking at data and seeing patterns. The best researchers that we have worked with are able to not only see patterns within the data but also little elements of stories, and when it comes to telling stories, the creative industry has literally made an entire industry from storytelling. And this is because, we are the storytellers (Yes! I did just quote our tag line!).  

At Guru, our belief is that the strongest tool a good designer has is the ability to remove himself from the decision making process when dealing with a client's project. This is because he knows that (most of the time) what the client needs is not the designer's personal taste, but a visual translation of a feeling or emotion that is the driving force of the business. We cannot help but see similarities between this and market researchers who work as translators of human emotions into a visible, tangible, and most importantly, actionable data and stories.

Whatever the data-gathering method, the analysis and delivery method comes down to human researchers and their methods of story gathering and storytelling; which has pretty much not evolved since the creation of the market research industry. We are not saying that this is a bad thing, quite the contrary, we believe that the key to evolving the research process lays in the research industry’s strongest tool, the researchers themselves, more precisely, their creative thinking abilities.

Guru are experts at integrating and guiding the creative research projects from brief to final output, with the aim of increasing researchers design thinking abilities throughout the project process. We are very aware that with ongoing interaction, researchers learn to adopt Design Thinking tool into their own area, learning to look at problems more creatively and seeking out the story within their data streams. Understanding this, we were excited to partner up with UMG in-house insights, department to showcase the effects our teaching can have on the average research output.

Note* All creative outputs research data has been changed and is dummy data as to keep in line with NDA requirement.




  • Introduction to design thinking.

  • An in-depth introduction to creative thinking tools used by the creative industry.

  • Helping the client represent their questions and solutions in a different way 

  • Analyse all research findings.

  • Identify top-line, medium and deep-dive information.

  • Deciding on best output tot convey all the important top-line research findings in the most effective manner. 



At Guru, we tend to develop our output with a growth strategy in mind, and for the said project, we implemented a number of communication strategies that would come together to create a holistic understanding of the project's findings.

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Training & Development:


This is where Guru’s creative know-how becomes crucial. Being experts at developing visual translations to our clients stories, we knew that the next stage, moving forward, after we had identified the key elements of the story, what was then needed was to translate the key elements into a visual language which would best display the subtle nuances in the findings that would otherwise be lost from just a verbal presentation alone. So we:  



  • Created a story which ties in all developed information from stage one sessions


  • Conceptualised an output that would not only be informative but also entertaining


  • Developed concepts into a storyboard for an animated video styled in the form of a mockumentary (ensuring that the information was structured in a way that meant ideas flowed naturally)


  • Made certain that actionable conclusions were included within the video, pushing researchers to stand behind their findings, and suggest direct actions to be taken


  • Outlined a project production timeline with researchers' responsibilities clearly outlined with timings so that the entire project overview was understood


  • Developed the infographics using the animated visuals as the visual guideline


  • Concepts developments of further areas for integrating information into client's business, including concept development of a data portal delivery system to use as a one-stop point of reference for all the project findings, including deep data, presentation, video, infographics and research videos and raw data



The client was excited with the final output, and it was shared internally among all the labels under the UMG group. The client stated that the output was something that was not only entertaining but also informative framed in a memorable way, with research findings positioned in a manner that means the information stays with its viewer long term. To put it in the clients' words “this is awesome, we’ve never been able to fit all a projects findings in such a great video!”


O Kempski (insight director UMG) 


At Guru, we are fantastic at re-thinking how insight is best delivered for maximum impact. Rather than just delivering outputs the challenges researchers from the very start of projects to think differently, distil the key findings and ensures you pull stories from data before delivering in a truly compelling way. Experimentation is key in challenging existing practices and more of this is needed for the research industry to progress from delivering data to truly delivering insight.

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Guru had the pleasure of working with start-up CBD brand Hempsmile. Creating a brand identity and ethos to help

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Harris Interactive was excited to see us put our skills and abilities to work on some of their marketing output and for good reason.

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