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A truer direction for businesses

At MCG, we are passionate about your passion. This sounds like a random tag line but it is the truth. We believe the secret to a successful brand is a very simple one: A passion for what it is you do and why you do it (your Core Creative). Successful brands use that passion as a reference point when making decisions regarding their brand, especially when translating their story into a visual medium; as well as extending that passion to their employees - making them true brand ambassadors. This is the cusp of what we mean by 'create not compete'! A company that is focused solely on competing against their rivals will never be at an innovative forefront of their business. Whilst, on the other hand, a company that rather than 'follow the crowd,' chooses to focus on their passion for business and being the best at what they do and how they do it, will always lead.  

The fact that we put brand passion first means we are able to direct companies to discover and utilise their business USP in order to deliver a successful brand message every time. We help our clients to adopt better communication/idea-generating and strategies via a hands-on, show and prove learning process. Helping our clients' employees to incorporate design thinking, storytelling, idea-generating and creative thinking into their day-to-day working and decision-making process, which in turn influences the visual decision-making process. With the bonus outcome of not only creating effective marketing strategies and brand content but also a growth in employees satisfaction and productivity, resulting in better relationship and connection with your customers via a shared passion for your brand.  

Design can teach you more about Business than pretty images

Creative thinking will ALWAYS be in demand. The first step is to understand what is creative thinking, regardless of what industry you are working in.  It is cross-marketable. Companies that have developed their creative thinking skills to a point where they can draw upon it at any time, often have the edge that really differentiates them from other companies. Scrutiny of any number of successful brands, you will find a number of similarities in some processes which promote creative thinking and swift decision making among employees. But the main connecting factor between these companies is always a process which is directly influenced by a clear brand motivation, combined with effective communication. It is that visual translation of a company's passion that connects to its audiences emotive reasoning. And for every brand, this should be the goal of a successful business! Any creative director worth his salt will tell you that working on a creative project within a company will give you a deeper insight into that company's operation than most would assume. This is because the creative process requires both a rigid and flexible approach to successfully innovate and develop effective content. From nearly all aspects of a company, from brand direction to day to day decision making, there is a swifter more effective way to work.

In a nutshell, this is what MCG is about. We are a creative consultancy service. We focus on helping our clients develop stronger ideas connected to a sold brand direction via understanding design tools such as storytelling, design thinking, data visualisation, creative thinking, and design industry project management techniques. Even though these tactics and strategies were developed within the design and creative industry, does not mean that they are not applicable to every type of business, as long as ideas need to be generated, then it is applicable. 

Indeed, I believe that creative thinking in business and like is utmost important or necessity, why, because, it is  a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions (which may look unsettling at first). Creative thinking can be stimulated both by an unstructured process such as brainstorming and by a structured process such as lateral thinking.   


M Ashraf , Saqr Al-Khayala Group 


Creative Director

  • Able to identify the best creative strategies for company needs

  • Design Team Management

  • Briefing skills and PM skills

  • Content development skills

  • Visual communication expert

  • Creative Problem Solving Skills

  • Design / Production skills

  • Multi-project management skills 

Brand Consultant

  • Communication and innovative thinking expert

  • Understanding the Value of Design thinking when applied to non creative staff members

  • Marketing process pipeline expert

  • Able to partners with executive managers to improve current business processes

  • Business insight expert

  • recommendations and solutions focused

  • Future Focused

Some of Our Services

Design Thinking

Innovation Consultancy

Creative Framework

Marketing Strategy

Culture Consultancy

In-House Communications

Pushing Companies Forward 

Content is everything! Nowadays you can find literally thousands of blogs trying to explain how best to profile content, but very few (if any) can tell you exactly what type of content is best suited for your company’s needs. Mainly because good content for one company may not be as effective when applied to a different company, even if they are in the same industry. Let us say they operate within the same space, but their motivations, procedures, and long-term goals might be completely different, and this is the cusp of why content is such a complicated subject. We believe that by focusing on the heart of what your company is about/your mission statement developing strong content is easy. We are not about selling you a gimmick or concept that will just be entertaining; we believe in discovering what is the motivation at the core of your company and then working with you to translate that into a visual medium via multiple media touch-points, which will connect your brand to the heart of your customers and employees emotive reasoning and passion.

This is the reason, rather than asking the question, “How do we attract more people to our brand?” the better question is, “Why are we so passionate about our company?” or “Why are we in business? What motivates us to do this?”. Ensuring you are asking the right questions right from the start is as important as building your house on strong foundations.



How we took market research outputs to the next level with our collaboration with Universal Musics In-house research department

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Harris Interactive was excited to see us put our skills and abilities to work on some of their marketing output and for good reason.

Harris Infographic final_2.jpg


Guru had the pleasure of working with start-up CBD brand Hempsmile. Creating a brand identity and ethos to help

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Oliver Kempski,

Senior Director, Global insights at Universal Music Group

I have worked with MCG for many years and they are fantastic at re-thinking how insight is best delivered for maximum impact. Rather than just delivering outputs they challenge researchers from the very start of projects to think differently, distil the key findings and ensures you pull stories from data before delivering in a truly compelling way. Experimentation is key in challenging existing practices and more of this is needed for the research industry to progress from delivering data to truly delivering insight.

Sabrina Qureshi,

Head of Online Communities at Harris Interactive

I worked with MCG to really help promote and progress the design thinking at Harris Interactive, with particular focus on the communities solution. Slim and his team helped to produce some great collateral, but also helped to guide the team through this first time process and teach us to refine and iterate. It was a steep learning curve with lot's of tips to help us with future projects

Tim Pritchard,

Managing Director, Customer Experience, Kantar. Board Director, Kantar Insights UK

Slim is a great guy. We worked together on countless pitch decks and videos. Always creative and compelling, his contributions helped to secure several multi-million $ deals. He adopts a highly collaborative stance with colleagues which gets people working towards the same end, be that pitch materials, proposals or translating data into visual outputs for optimal client impact (not just pretty deliverables). Get Slim involved early in the process and he will always add huge value.

Mick Baxter,

Operations manager,


I had the pleasure of working with MCG when my company needed to create a promotional video for our website, demonstrating our product. From our initial meeting, they completely immersed themselves in our brand and product, ensuring that he fully understood our positioning before beginning the process. We had a couple of meetings setting out our desires and working on the treatment, but after this Anslim flew through the work, getting it spot on first time. He organised all the external requirements such as voice over, meaning the whole process was very simple for me. The final product was so good!

Using your Creative Core to push business forward

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