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To take a company’s passion and translate it into a functioning brand is one of our greatest pleasures. Start-ups are the future (obvious, right!). When we were approached by a newly formed CBD company, HempSmile, to consult on their brand strategy, create their company website including the creation of a visual brand identity and marketing strategy and example material. 

Project summary


To help develop an ethos and brand identity for the start-up CBD company, HempSmile; to step away from traditional cannabis-related visuals which often only further drives misconceptions about the industry, while creating something that would appeal to consumers that were newcomers to the CBD world; to develop an easily usable website which will act as a bank of information for customers to peruse as a source of learning whilst shopping for CBD products.


Understanding our clients' story

Industry Research


The CBD industry is still very new within the UK, but already industry growth has astonished experts. over 6 million adults within the UK buy CBD products grossing over 300 million a year ( estimated UK CBD industry will be worth 1 Billion by 2025 ) user rates are higher among the under 55 age group. Industry awareness is still relatively low with the largest usage within Wales and Northern Ireland. access to credible information is a big industry problem, with a lot of people unsure about the actual effects and benefits of CBD. Industry registration also makes things increasingly difficult for CBD companies.


Where the majority of CBD brands market towards those already informed about CBD/Hemp usage with little out there for those trying to understand if CBD is a viable path to easing their own health and well-being needs

Building the Foundations

Visual Ideation

  • Identify brand motivations

  • Identify customer demographic


  • Brand Creative strategy


  • Brand guidelines & marketing strategy

Creating a New Path

Design & production

  • Visual research & development


  • Brand guidelines Creation


  • Development of brand communications strategy

  • Website Wireframe and planning

Growth Strategy

Marketing & Growth

Using HempSmile’s ethos for education and pushing industry knowledge as their core creative for their marketing strategy, we outlined a clear guideline for how they should approach developing their line marketing. We suggested that they focus on engaging education methods (such as infographics, and educational videos);  we also templated a HempSmile video banner so that they could share customers' actual experiences using their products, creating a portal for education and customer experience reviews.  

HempSmile Site Layout
hempsmile brand Guidelines



How we took market research outputs to the next level with our collaboration with Universal Musics In-house research department

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Harris Interactive was excited to see us put our skills and abilities to work on some of their marketing output and for good reason.

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