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Who is MCG

My Creative Guru (Or MCG) is the brainchild of Creative Director / Creative Consultant Mark Anslim Yearwood. After cutting his teeth in and around London design and production houses Mark was quickly headhunted into the corporate industry. Tasked with setting up and integrating creative teams, implementing creative thinking and frameworks into the companies day to day corporate environment, expanding creative outputs and staff understanding of the design process. MCG personifies its creators' deep passion for helping its clients push their boundaries, establishing new problem-solving techniques while changing the perspective on the power of Design Thinking and how clients should approach their day-to-day decision-making. 


Our Mission

Guru is more than a Think Tank that offers clients bespoke solutions regarding their creative processes and Frameworks. We also think it is equally important to teach companies how to interact with designers to get the best outcome for a project. At Guru, we offer technical expertise, and strategic thinking within the Design Thinking framework to guarantee that you can deliver outstanding creative outputs for our clients.




Our creative outputs are more than about making things look good, they are about connecting to the client's story and visually translating the emotive to audiences. The manner of that translation is unique to every project, but with our methods, we are experts and drawing out the story and developing the best visual outputs while streamlining the project process. At My Creative Guruswe pride ourselves on the skill set of the creatives on our network, our clients are able to have some of the most talented designers, video producers, developers, and creative thinkers working on their projects.




Our consultancy services can help you implement design principles into your everyday work process, establish and lead an in-house creative team and improve your organization’s overall creative capabilities, Help you to find your company's creative core motivation for operating, which can be used as the driving force for company desition making and marketing direction.

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