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 Client:   The Plug Amsterdam / Barcelona


 Project:  Product advertisement / Logo animation


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Artboard 15.jpg
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We were extremely honored to be approached by the foundation to help shape the new charity's direction and branding.

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 GURU X   

We were approached by innovative Dubai skincare start-up S.T.A.S.H (Some Things Are Simple Her; Hair, body, and skin) to collaborate with creating their brand identity.

PF HOmepage.png

 GURUXPotent   Funk Records 

At Guru we have been passionately involved in the music industry for as long as we could remember, so when our partners at Potent funk for whom we had already created a number of successful music videos, it only made sense that when they were looking to rebrand their website, that we were their first point of call.

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 GURU X       

CBD company Hemp Smile approached us about their start-up which is aimed and taking the confusion out of CBD.

EWTGV Posters.png


At Guru, we are always excited about partnering with brands that are passionate about making the world a better place. So when we were asked to handle the design for the first publication of the Easy Way to Go Vegan brand we were excited to get involved.

Vegan loyalty card.jpg


Helping our client convey their brand messages is highly important for the B2B industry. With presentations being the standard form of communication for most companies Guru are expert in creating presentations that perfectly visually communicate our clients' brand messages

Nouveau Riche_embroidered.jpg

 GURUXNOUVEAU              RICHE       

Guru Meets Nouveau Riche. Dubai-based clothing company Nouveau Riche tasked us with developing their logo and ethos alongside some graphic imagery to help convey the brand ethos and visual messaging both within the company and to their customers. 

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